Who we are

Smart-Rhino is an innovative technology company, committed to developing special, value added smart electronic accessories, gadgets and other new products for the US and international market. Based in Miami Florida, Smart-Rhino is dedicated to addressing the daily struggles encountered by individuals and addressing them with a new product solution. We strive to produce avant-garde products that will appeal to everyone. From product design, manufacturing and marketing, to distribution. We are at the cutting edge of innovation.

The idea behind Smart-Rhino is to design and develop the most durable, reliable and user friendly products. This is why our R&D Team have paid special and detailed attention to the materials and components used in the fabrication of Smart-Rhino products.

Besides having a special passion for this industry, we are a team of engineers, designers and developers, all with vast experience in the mobile, computer arena; spanning on average, more than 14 years of experience with smart products.

We are strongly committed to quality and perfection in all the products we design and manufacture. If a product doesn’t meet 100% of our strict quality standards, we simply won’t produce it! This is our promise to all of our clients and to you!

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